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UPDATED Marine Notice -SAMSA – 27 September 2016


All vessels governed by the Regulations are required to:
 Be equipped with a VHF marine (DSC enabled /or/ voice only) radio by the first safety survey after
 Radio Operators to be in possession of a SRC for DSC enabled VHF radios /or/ a RT certificate for
voice only operated VHF radios.
 The radio equipment is to be licensed by ICASA.

Marine Notice 32 of 2016

Why the move to VHF for recreational skippers?

Marine Notice 6 of 2015
For many years offshore recreational anglers have used 29mhz radios for ship to shore communications. With advancement in technology and the global marine environment moving to VHF for short range communication, SAMSA notified the public of the termination of the 29mhz radios via Marine Notice 6 of 2015.

Key parts of Marine Notice
"Vessels covered by these regulations shall be equipped with VHF Marine Radios to comply with the safety requirement by their first annual safety survey after 01/01/2016."

Marine Notice 4 of 2016
VHF radios are now the default safety requirement for all category craft. For users to obtain a licence (from ICASA) to operate a VHF radio, an operators licence is required. SAMSA used to issue a Restricted Operators VHF licence which was sufficient to operate the VHF radio. This was an aural only licence and due to the global move to the DSC (Digital Selective Calling) as a core part of the GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress Safety System), there is a requirement for all VHF operators to be fully proficient. SAMSA notified the public through Marine Notice MN 4 of 2016

Key parts of Marine Notice
"Restricted Radiotelephone Operators Certificates (Marine) and (Marine – VHF ONLY) are valid for voice communications only. To prevent unauthorized use of DSC Enabled Marine VHF radios on the anticipated date of 1 January 2017 and taking into consideration the large number of holders of these certificates, the examination for SRC and SRC Conversions should be under-taken urgently. These courses and examinations are available at a number of accredited institutions."

Marine Notice's
Marine Notice 6 of 2015
Marine Notice 4 of 2016

Who needs to get the VHF-SRC licence?

All skippers that operate a craft that require a radio as part of the safety requirements

All Cat A, B, C and D skippers with VHF radio requirements